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Follow my journey through the Disney College Program!

I haven’t posted since May but my blog seems to still be pulling in traffic. Thanks for that! But this is my last post on this blog. If you’d like to learn more about the Disney College Program and follow my experience, then come read about it on my tumblr! I start January 2012!
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Paid Internship.

Have you ever wanted to participate in an internship of a lifetime in the happiest place on Earth? How would you like to participate where you earn while you learn? The Disney College Program is that opportunity of a lifetime.

I first heard about the program my second trip down to Walt Disney World. I was with my family waiting to see a parade and a cast member came up and started talking to us. Long story short, he gave me the website to the program and I knew I wanted to participate after watching the E-Presentation. To have Disney, a fortune 100 company, on my resume would be amazing to say the least.The program gives you the opportunity to develop transferable skills, including Guest service, problem solving, service recovery, effective communication, teamwork, leadership, attention to detail, time management, personal empowerment, self-confidence, responsibility and cultural sensitivity. It doesn’t matter what your major is.

The program has three components: Living, Learning, and Earning.

While in the program you live on Disney provided private property. The rent comes right out of your paycheck and fully stocked with furniture and kitchen utensils.

While in Florida, you have the option to take Disney courses and receive college credit. These course explore who you are as a person and how what you learn while on the job will transfer to other jobs.

Expect to work 30+ hours a week and even more during holidays. For the most part you are working every five days you are down there with two days off in between for classes or relax time.

I plan on participating in the Spring Advantage 2012 session. I’m applying in late August and already worked everything out regarding credits and money. If I decided to come back to school I will still be able to graduate on time. Thank you high school college credit.

Have a magical day!