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I haven’t posted since May but my blog seems to still be pulling in traffic. Thanks for that! But this is my last post on this blog. If you’d like to learn more about the Disney College Program and follow my experience, then come read about it on my tumblr! I start January 2012!
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So today in my English class, everyone got their first paper back. It was another workshop day, great. We partnered up and had our papers read to give feedback. Wait, didn’t the teacher just grade it and leave comments? The only comments I had to give were already written on the paper, so what was the point? I spent more time discussing the Grammys and Lady Gagas egg than the paper with my partner. I felt, no, I know the class was a total waste of time. Having a bunch of frustrated students due to their poor grade on their paper isn’t helpful to anyone. Why in a room full of students, who are all having their own side conversations, are you trying to talk to one student? In regards to any English class that allows corrections, I don’t understand how the professor can hand back the paper in the class when they know students are going to have questions and concerns and need to talk to you anyway.

I like how my previous English professor did things… she canceled classes. No, not all of them, just the next two after we handed in the paper. On the day we handed in the paper, which was usually a Friday, we would get our next paper assignment and on the days our class was canceled we were suppose to use that time to work on the next paper. Did I ever use that time to do so? No, but that’s not the point. We would each sign up for a 15 minute meeting with the professor; that’s where we would get our graded paper back not in class. This way it gives the professor and the student one on one time to discuss why they got the grade they got and what was missing or needs to be changed to make it a better paper. I find this more productive for everyone.

On a side note: I don’t understand why it is so hard for professors to post grades on ANGEL. I honestly believe they should be required to. Part of my tuition includes access to ANGEL. When I go to look at my grades and find only 1 of 6 classes has them properly displayed is frustrating. I believe seeing your current grade can give you motivation when you see you are doing poorly or when you see you have a good grade it pushes you to keep up the good work because you don’t want to lose the good grade. So please professors, post our grades!

I leave you with Lady Gaga: