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This week, the Pepsi Company announced their new vending machine that is focused on social interaction. It’s amongst the first using a touch screen. It will allow you to input a friend’s name and contact number and then send them a code to pick up a beverage from the machine. It will also allow you to record a personal video as well as display nutritional information. This is a cool concept but how likely are people to catch on? I fear for the day when anything you buy will be automatically posted to your Facebook.

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I don’t drink coffee but this is so cool!

We’ve all been there before. We have a hot drink and in what feels like a few minutes the beverage is already “cold.” Well a start up company has used science to fix that problem. These stainless steel “beans” keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for several hours. Yes, that’s hours! You just pop a few joulies into the hot beverage as soon as it’s poured. They work by sucking up all the heat energy. They last a lifetime as they are made from the same material as your silverware. They come in a set of five with a reusable bag. These aren’t on the self yet but you can buy them from the link below to fund the production of them. One bag sells for $40 and I’m sure the price will decline once the demand increases and they become readily available. However, I can’t see this company continuously growing as once everyone has them that’s basically it. It’s a product that can’t be improved but it’s something that all coffee lovers are going to want because it doesn’t include buying a new mug.

Oh and these “beans” aren’t just meant for coffee. They’ll keep your hot chocolate, tea and whatever else you want warm.

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