Okay so the hell with Keybank! I opened a new account with… AllyBank! The chances are you’ve never heard of this bank. On May 10, 2010, GMAC Inc. (GMAC Financial Services) transitioned name of corporation to Ally Financial Inc. (Ally) although it was founded in 1919 as the General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) to be a provider of financing to automotive customers. They reopened to be increasingly customer focused and boy are they. They relaunched on three simple principles: talk straight, do right, and be obviously better.

I stumbled upon them with a Google search looking for an online bank. If you’ve ever asked me for a $1, you know I don’t carry around cash nor do I like it. For one, it’s dirty and the amount of money that’s wasted to constantly upgrade and turnover dollar bills is pathetic. Anyway, I’m a big believer in doing everything online. I hate getting crap in the mail. It’s much easier for me to get all my bills and notices through email; that is when the spam filter is working.

Opening an account with the bank was super easy. I filled out the standard name, address, phone number, social security number and that’s about it. I then chose what kind of accounts I wanted to open. I opened a checking and savings account. It literally took 10 seconds for the information to be submitted and my account was ready to use. I then proceed to set up login information and security questions.

The best thing about Ally is the fees! There was no minimum deposit required when I opened the account and there is no monthly maintenance fee nor no minimum balance requirement. They also reimburse all, yes ALL, ATM fees!  Along with a Free Debit MasterCard®, Free checks and unlimited check writing they are also FDIC insured so you have nothing to lose!

There are five ways to deposit money into your account:

  • Send a check using free postage-paid envelopes available through Online Banking
  • Move funds online between Ally accounts for free
  • Make free online transfers between your Ally account and your accounts at other banks
  • Set up free Direct Deposit for your paycheck or Social Security check
  • Use a wire transfer — we won’t charge you to wire funds in, but check with your other bank for any fees they may charge to wire funds out
  • A 6th option, available by the end of 2011, will be eCheck Deposit. Just scan the front and back of the check and send the image to us.

I posted this on my twitter, “@KeyBank_Help I recently switched to @AllyBank, love them! Easy to open an account and they have GREAT 24/7 LIVE customer care! Take a look!” and got this message in response, “Glad to hear it, Josh! Let us know if we can ever be of any assistance. We’re happy to have you.” It’s nice to know the bank takes the time to read their customers feedback. I’ve also already spoken to them several times on the phone and someone picks up right away. Did I mention they are open 24/7? You can always get in touch with them by chat or phone. Can’t say that about  many banks. They are simply perfect. I haven’t found one thing negative about them yet and I can’t say I plan too.

If you are looking for a new bank, I highly recommend them.

Ally is known for using children in their commercials and they do a great job.

Visit: http://www.ally.com


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