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Posted: March 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’m sure you’re one of the 42.9 million people who’ve heard the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black. If not,

This video was produced through Ark Music Factory aka ARK. This is a Southern California company run by Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey. They basically produce songs for wealthy parents that believe their kid has what it takes to become the next hit sensation. For example, Justin Bieber. What they are doing is clearly wrong. You could have no talent what so every but your a snotty as brat who has parents with money that are willing to throw it away for you to get you a little fame. I strongly dislike this girl and song. As Time Magazine put it, this is a “whole new level of bad.”

You gotta watch this response to the song with over 3.1 million views:

Here are two more more produced by the same company that are a little more enjoyable:

As of March 24 she is number 40 on iTunes top 100

Rebecca has asked Justin Bieber to do a duet with her. There has been no official response but on Saturday Justin  did tweet “sunday comes after Saturday? weird.” Was he insulting her?

The company has been receiving a lot of  negativity so here is an interview with Patrice:

Update: Her music video is now the most disliked video on YouTube with 2.4 million dislikes pushing Justin Biebers “Baby” to 2nd place with 1.3 million dislikes. The video has also now surpassed 124 million views as of April 29, 2011.


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