Snow Revenge

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Security expert, David Welles, came home to a missing snow shovel. He was in the process of building an igloo for his 2-year-old daughter so when she got upset he  had to find out what exactly happened. So he went on his computer to check the camera footage. He saw a woman letting her dog go to the bathroom on his lawn while taking his shovel. At first Wells didn’t know who she was so he used his eight security cameras to find out where she went. After that, he then intentionally used his snow blower to cover her car in several feet of snow. While doing it, he didn’t want it to look obvious so he removed more snow than necessary. To be perfectly honest, I would’ve tried to make it look as obvious as possible.

At some point everyone wants retribution for something. What he did wasn’t blunt retribution. It’s not like he went mental on her or something. Nothing was damaged and no one got hurt. It was just sweet revenge. She busted her ass for almost 4 hours clearing the snow off her car and that seems like a fair punishment for not only taking a shovel without permission but then to not return it until you see the footage of the crime online.

I think it’s funny he got his shovel back along with revenge. If it was me I would’ve kept the shovel after the time I had to put forward clearing my car.

If you look closely you will notice she is using a broom rather than the shovel to clear the snow. You stole the shovel, use it.


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