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Snow Revenge

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Security expert, David Welles, came home to a missing snow shovel. He was in the process of building an igloo for his 2-year-old daughter so when she got upset he  had to find out what exactly happened. So he went on his computer to check the camera footage. He saw a woman letting her dog go to the bathroom on his lawn while taking his shovel. At first Wells didn’t know who she was so he used his eight security cameras to find out where she went. After that, he then intentionally used his snow blower to cover her car in several feet of snow. While doing it, he didn’t want it to look obvious so he removed more snow than necessary. To be perfectly honest, I would’ve tried to make it look as obvious as possible.

At some point everyone wants retribution for something. What he did wasn’t blunt retribution. It’s not like he went mental on her or something. Nothing was damaged and no one got hurt. It was just sweet revenge. She busted her ass for almost 4 hours clearing the snow off her car and that seems like a fair punishment for not only taking a shovel without permission but then to not return it until you see the footage of the crime online.

I think it’s funny he got his shovel back along with revenge. If it was me I would’ve kept the shovel after the time I had to put forward clearing my car.

If you look closely you will notice she is using a broom rather than the shovel to clear the snow. You stole the shovel, use it.


Six Flags New England

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The Six Flags park in Massachusetts will open with a stage version of Survivor™ called Survivor Live. Based on the video it looks really neat and I look forward to seeing this.

“Now, SURVIVOR LIVE at Six Flags gives fans the chance to compete and experience SURVIVOR in person as fellow audience members battle it out on stage.”

Teaser video:


For more information visit:

The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj)

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Yet another great song by The Lonely Island:

These are all real pictures found on Google Street View:

So today in my English class, everyone got their first paper back. It was another workshop day, great. We partnered up and had our papers read to give feedback. Wait, didn’t the teacher just grade it and leave comments? The only comments I had to give were already written on the paper, so what was the point? I spent more time discussing the Grammys and Lady Gagas egg than the paper with my partner. I felt, no, I know the class was a total waste of time. Having a bunch of frustrated students due to their poor grade on their paper isn’t helpful to anyone. Why in a room full of students, who are all having their own side conversations, are you trying to talk to one student? In regards to any English class that allows corrections, I don’t understand how the professor can hand back the paper in the class when they know students are going to have questions and concerns and need to talk to you anyway.

I like how my previous English professor did things… she canceled classes. No, not all of them, just the next two after we handed in the paper. On the day we handed in the paper, which was usually a Friday, we would get our next paper assignment and on the days our class was canceled we were suppose to use that time to work on the next paper. Did I ever use that time to do so? No, but that’s not the point. We would each sign up for a 15 minute meeting with the professor; that’s where we would get our graded paper back not in class. This way it gives the professor and the student one on one time to discuss why they got the grade they got and what was missing or needs to be changed to make it a better paper. I find this more productive for everyone.

On a side note: I don’t understand why it is so hard for professors to post grades on ANGEL. I honestly believe they should be required to. Part of my tuition includes access to ANGEL. When I go to look at my grades and find only 1 of 6 classes has them properly displayed is frustrating. I believe seeing your current grade can give you motivation when you see you are doing poorly or when you see you have a good grade it pushes you to keep up the good work because you don’t want to lose the good grade. So please professors, post our grades!

I leave you with Lady Gaga:

Why I love AT&T

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So everyone knows that Verizon now sells the Apple iPhone. If you don’t, why are reading my blog? Anyway, about two weeks ago I received an email from AT&T highlighting their talk and surf feature that Verizon currently doesn’t offer along with a coupon for 25% any accessory of my choice. 25%? Not bad. I don’t need any accessories but that’s a good deal. (For those of you that don’t know, one downside to Verizon’s network is you can’t talk and surf simultaneously but they are working on enabling it.) Then I read that AT&T was now offering unlimited calling to any mobile number by signing up for free at That means any mobile phone number that I call or calls me uses no minutes. Sweet, no more waiting until 9pm to talk!

get unlimited calling to
any mobile number in the U.S.

  • Unlimited talk and text with any mobile number on any U.S. carrier!
  • Does not count against your Anytime Minutes
  • Included with Unlimited Messaging plans – $20/month on an Individual Plan, $30/month for a FamilyTalk® Plan (up to 5 lines)
  • Available on $39.99 and higher Nation plans and $69.99 and higher FamilyTalk plans

Then I became aware of a promotion for loyal iPhone users. By simply texting “yes” to 11113020, AT&T will give you 1,000 rollover minutes which will last for a full year. Nice!

So why is AT&T being so “generous?” One reason, they are trying to keep as many customers as possible. Everyone knows that Verizon is by far the best cellular network in the United States and now that they sell the iPhone, what’s to stop all the current fustrated iPhone users using AT&T’s network from swithching? AT&T is hoping all of these “perks” will help but is this enough to stop the Verizon iPhone hemorrhage? Only time will tell. Until next time, Keep smiling, Inside and Out!

P.S. I have been a loyal AT&T customer since January 2005 and have had no problems with the company or their network. It all depends where you live.